Who Are We?

Who are we? Co-founders Kaitlyn Meyers and Spencer Reaves McCoy, are known to friends in-person and online for loving tacos and an annoying amount of sarcasm. I’ll let you guess who is who.

Together, they created HashtagWriting.com — a site for writers to gain helpful insight into the world of making words speak. Sometimes Spencer writes in the third person, but that’s usually for SEO (her moonlighting day job is marketing. See why they get too exhausted for social media?).

Along with a highly-skilled team of contributors, we’re all here to help new and veteran writers overcome obstacles and transform their writing.

Let us know if you want to collaborate. Community is better together.

Kaitlyn Meyers

Co-Founder, HashtagWriting

Kaitlyn is an indie author of urban fantasy novels. When she’d not writing, she’s on Twitter. So, she gets a good 15 minutes of writing in daily. Her two main loves are 🌮 and ☕. She highly recommends you enjoy both if you want to be her friend. 

She also moonlights as a graphic designer (also known as a day job). Coincidentally, she took the content that was written by a marketer and put it together onto a page, such as this one. You can visit her website at kaitlynbooks.com.

Spencer Reaves McCoy

Co-Founder, HashtagWriting

Spencer Reaves grew up in a small town and their best friends were horror novels and an old typewriter. They knew in elementary school that they enjoyed writing – it took them until almost 30 to realize that she NEEDS to write too, and not just marketing content like they’re used to.

They are a story teller, coffee-drinker, and weirdo who still believes that their best friends are books. Their keyboard is a close second. Their heroic fantasy isn’t for the faint of heart. Neither is their horror. You can visit their website at spencermccoy.com.

A. Blachernae

Contributor, HashtagWriting

A. Blachernae has had a love for stories inculcated in him since a very young age. Books were his first friends and the one constant in an ever-changing life. He is a firm believer that stories are nothing but emotions bound by words that echo through time and space.

When he is not writing, he alternates his time between his pets and trying to become a true bread connoisseur. You can visit his website at ablachernae.wordpress.com.

Kejo Black

Contributor, HashtagWriting

Kejo Black grew up losing himself in the amazing worlds created by such giants as Asimov, Clarke, Herbert and Tolkien. Now, years later, he feels blessed to be an indie author of science fiction / fantasy novels and short stories.

When not writing, Kejo is running an IT Consulting business or working his small farm which includes horses, dogs, cats, chickens, a donkey and a goat. Most days he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going, so DO NOT approach him before his first coffee of the morning. You can visit his website at kejoblack.com.