Author Resources

Want to know one of the best parts about indie communities? Sharing resources. If you can get what you need from a fellow artist or writer, please do so. They need your business a lot more than the big business with the pretty ads. And honestly, they’ll put more effort into what you need.

A. Blachernae – Known for baguettes, Bubbles the hamster, and for author supports services that will rival top research companies. He not only has a patreon and a ko-fi, but a springtee store, and a website to help place orders on! If you’re the kind of person who wants your random medical event to have accurate info, if you want historical precedence, or you just want help figuring out how to make something work in your story, this is the guy to go to. His research is spot-on, and he’s able to present it in a way that not only works but helps the writer understand themselves. He has a lot of options, tiers, and talent. – This is a world building site for both beginners and pros alike. I’ve never had a site that has been wiki, timeline, character builder, geography planner, storyline plotter all at the same time. Not only that, but the interconnectivity is on fleek. (Yes, I said it. Judge all you want, but check out the site and tell me you don’t agree). For real though, it has a very nice way of presenting important info, lining things up, and cascading linked events and people. I adore it, you will too.